Get to know me

I was the only brother to lots of sisters! I was born in the rescue when my mum was surrendered while pregnant so I've had nothing but the best since day 1 in my foster home. I have a cute little mane of hair and although have the usual crazy baby bunny energy I try to be well behaved. I love to sleep in a bunny pile and will tuck in to my hay and nuggets. My mum taught me how to use the litter tray and I'm pretty good at that already. I love lots of places to play and hide like boxes, and tunnels. I've been handled regularly since I was born but I would still prefer to be able to interact with people that were sitting quietly in my pen so I can explore and interact while I'm safely on the ground.

Adopt me?

To see the adoption process and arrange to meet Charmeleon, please visit the Beloved Rabbits shelter page.